27Oct 2015
I wanted as much help as I could get when I moved as I had broken my wrist and couldn't do a lot. I was passed on the details of a local company called RemovalsUK by a friend and arranged for the packing and unpacking to be done as well as the basic loading and transportation. The assistants did a super job and obviously packed up a lot quicker than I could have done. I was impressed with the materials they used and the boxes were strong and durable. The packing was done really well and everything was packaged and labelled clearly.
Gerry C.
27Apr 2015
I am impressed with Movers. They are professional above all else. I needed their help with moving to a new place and they did just that. They were very good with the packing and handling, which ensured nothing got damaged during moving. They were courteous and respectable while addressing me and my wife and that really pleased me.
Brad F.
08Apr 2015
My move with Removals Company was the most stress-and-pressure-free move of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful! I needed a reliable and cheap company to help me to get everything I owned into my new home, and this is definitely the best choice I could have made. From start to finish, this company was nothing less than completely professional and efficient. A highly recommended company with such friendly staff!
Carl B.
03Dec 2014
When I was relocating my office, I had no idea about who to call to manage such a large scale move. Additionally, there were so many other things to look out for as well. When I hired RemovalsUK, I received a very detailed plan about how they intended to execute our move and when their movers set to work, they were so organized and professional in carrying out their tasks that the move was accomplished in no time. Kudos, guys!
John Day
13Aug 2014
I was organising removals on behalf of an elderly relative so you can imagine I wanted to make sure I got the right removal company for the move. I certainly did with RemovalsUK. I explained my personal situation beforehand to the management and this included there was quite a lot of fragile stuff, it was all packed and put in boxes marked fragile but just wanted to make doubly sure the removal men knew what they were doing. I can gladly report that nothing at all was damaged and everything arrived at the designated address as wished. Many thanks to everyone for the extra care and attention they give me and my family.
T. Newell
16Jul 2014
There is a lot to be said for finding a company that you feel you get on with as well as one that do a good job, and that sort of friendly relationship was exactly what we got form RemovalsUK. They are great in terms of ensuring that they keep things professional when they need to, but it never felt impersonal talking to them, which was a delight. I will certainly be using the team again whenever I can, and really did enjoy having them around. Very highly recommended!
Marie Patterson
26Jun 2014
Offering a great service is usually enough to get me singing a company's praises but it takes a lot to make sure that I feel the need to hope online and type up a glowing review. Of all the domestic removals companies I've ever had the pleasure of working with, only one has made me feel that need and I can happily say that RemovalsUK are really excellent in that regard. They blew me away with everything they had to offer and I would like to suggest them should you ever feel the need to move home. Really great.
Christine Patton
22May 2014
Really cannot fault this company - couldn't be any better! They're a young team who love what they do and always go the extra mile to ensure I'm satisfied - I hope they treat all their other customers the same! From early on, I could tell this was a company that was trustworthy and had my best interests at heart. I've used them for a variety of different jobs over the years and they've delivered each time. They seem to have an infinite supply of different moving vans to get the job done! Cheers RemovalsUK!
S. Smith
08May 2014
Having moved house a few times, I was ready for a proper nightmare. If you have had a hard time with a removal in the past, then you will know the fear that the process can strike in to your heart, and it was no different this time. However, as soon as we started planning things with RemovalsUK I realized that we were on to a different sort of removal. The team made everything really quite easy, and I was astounded by how easily it all went if I'm honest. You never really know how these things are going to go, but we were lucky with this lot!
Kristen H.
04Apr 2014
I can't recommend this removal company enough. Not only did I get professional help for my house move, but I got really affordable moving boxes too! I used to always move with second-hand boxes from the local shops, but after I had an incident with one breaking I decided never again! RemovalsUK had a great selection of packing materials and they gave me lots of help and advice on choosing the right thing. I was prepared for my moving day, but I was even more ready thanks to my mover! He was really efficient and professional, I couldn't have asked for a better experience!
19Mar 2014
Our experience with RemovalsUK seems a lot like everyone else's, that is to say, excellent. We wanted a quick and efficient move, with a focus on quick. There was only a small window in which we could be out of the old place and into the new, and we needed to make sure we were ready in this time. The team were excellent on the day and we ended up moving with more than enough time to spare. So I wanted to come online and say a big thank you for all the help.
Kenneth Y.
19Feb 2014
It is getting harder and harder to book RemovalsUK's man with a van service, and I really am not all that surprised! It was only a matter of time before people started to realise just how good it was. It is supremely cheap and best of all it is just incredibly good for any type of moving problem in my experience. When I need to pick up some furniture, move house, or take a trip to my storage unit I always call for a man with a van. I don't mind getting stuck in myself, but with one of their staff by my side things just seem to get done so quickly. Thanks guys, quality service.
07Feb 2014
Our whole move was based on finding the right movers, seeing as we've had bad experiences in the past. I was given the details for RemovalsUK from a guy at work and I'll be recommending him for promotion sometime soon. They helped us move all of our (many) things all the way to our new home. They plotted everything out, their services, equipment and employees were of the highest standard and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who ever needed to move anywhere. With their help, we were able to move swiftly into the new home. Excellent service.
Marilyn Evans
29Oct 2013
In a way, moving house is like any trade, it takes training, knowledge and experience to get to a good level. The team from RemovalsUK certainly seemed to have these things at their disposal, and I felt like they sorted my removal out in a quick, efficient, and easy manner, that was well worth the price I paid. I was a little apprehensive of knowing how much I should pay, but the lady on the phone took me through the costs, and everything seemed to be pretty ship shape. Luckily it seems I was right!
Gillian Trenton
16Oct 2013
I know that it is hard to find a high quality service for a low price in any industry, and when I got the quote through from the people over at RemovalsUK I was a little worried that the actual job would be a bit slack. I was pleasantly surprised however, by the great service that I got, as the move went smoothly, and the staff were friendly and careful with our things. There was nothing broken, and I was very happy with the end result, so an all-round win for both parties!
Graham S.